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hell, to be honest, I think most guys have forgotten what fit and sexy even is, you see soooo many couples (gay couples at that) moving in together after only a few months of dating, you see them trying to live a life of "perfection" everything is just right.. 

Well, infatuation ends and eventually all your left with is the stark reality of truth and life, Yes, he farts in his sleep, aint so cute anymore when you can't breath hey, Yes, when he pees sometimes he misses the bowl, you can't over look at one anymore now can ya.. Yes, he eats with his mouth open and he slurps from the spoon, yup, that sound makes you want to bash his skull in, ooh and don't forget the general mess he leaves behind him, not so fun anymore hey, why does he always have to leave the shampoo bottle empty? can he not replace a toilet roll? why do his clothes never make it to the hamper? oh, look, he's snoring, can I suffocate him yet? cause that snoring suddenly aint so fucking sweet anymore.. oooh and why the fuck can't he be more assertive in bed?... 

We are always open to suggestions and no topic is too daring or controversial to feature on an upcoming segment of Fit and Sexy TV. Email us and share your ideas. We’re all ears [and dick and ass, of course]!

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