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Have you ever had sex in a public place? Details, please.

Tell us about the most interesting place you have ever had sex. A lot of people fantasize about ‘doing it’ under risky circumstances. Perhaps it was in a local park, or on a train, or in church. We want to hear all about it.

Does size matter?

Many gay men are overly concerned with the length and girth of their penis [or their partner’s penis]. In your opinion, what matters? Do you prefer a long pencil dick or a fat beer can cock? Tell us about the biggest and best sexual encounters you have had with a hung buddy.

Do open relationships work?

Due to the stereotype of the horny male, many people think gays are incapable of fidelity and monogamy. Let’s discuss your opinion on this topic and the conditions under which you feel it is appropriate to bring additional playmates into your relationship. Feel free to include personal experiences and the consequences of a third wheel.

Fetishes: Where do you draw the line?

Creativity in the bedroom [or dining room or backyard or anywhere else] can keep a relationship exciting. Some guys [and girls] take intimacy to a whole new level with a passion. Discuss the pluses and minuses of these fetishes: frottage, bondage, bukkake, sadomasochism [s&m], hot wax, voyeurism, pig play, PNP, autoerotic asphyxiation, role playing, water sports, cross dressing [transvestism], foot worship, spanking, exhibitionism, leather and domination [to name a few]. Share your favorite turn-ons and turn-offs with us.

Older vs. Younger in gay relationships: Does age matter?

Everyone seems to have an opinion regarding the appropriate age difference between two people in a relationship. Gay or straight, people want to impose their beliefs on everyone around them. And most individuals seem to lean toward either dating someone near their own age or having a preference for someone substantially younger or older than them, Talk about the advantages of dating an older [or younger] guy and tell us about your experiences. Discuss why a twink and a daddy should or should not be together. If you feel there is a limit to an acceptable age difference, please enlighten us.

Does porn have a place in a relationship?

There are hundreds of websites featuring pornographic videos and pictures on the internet. Some people claim that pornography has no place in a healthy relationship, while others embrace ‘smut’ as an aphrodisiac. Explain how you think gay porn helps or hurts a relationship.

Condoms, PrEP or Bareback: How do you like your sex?

Truth be told, every guy on the planet would probably prefer NOT to wear a condom during sex. Given the proliferation of STDs, including HIV, this is not always a practical option. Discuss your preference and how it impacts your sex life. Some guys even choose abstinence or limit sexual contact to safer practices such as mutual masturbation, circle jerks, frottage or sex toys. Tell us how you like your sex and how your practices have changed over the years.

Besides cheating, what ruins relationships between gay men?

We all know that perfect couple that seemed to be made for each other only to discover that their relationship went up in flames after a few months. Sometimes it can be a result of infidelity, but that is not always the case. Offer us your opinions on other factors that could cause two people who are madly in love to go their own separate ways after a short time. Previous guests have suggested financial issues, intellectual incompatibility, age difference, jealous friends, vicious rumors, drinking, drug use and politics.

How sexually adventurous are you?

Some people limit themselves to a ‘conventional’ sex life: only with one special person and always in the privacy of their own bedroom. Lights off, candles burning and a little soft music in the background.  Others choose a bolder approach, incorporating sex toys, multiple partners, public places and perhaps even a fetish or two. We’d love to pick your brain and discover how you define the ideal sexual adventure. Be as graphic and explicit as you dare.

Is drag good or bad for the gay community?

Men dressing as women [and vice versa] has been a part of human culture for ages. Johnny Depp, David Duchovny, Woody Harrelson, Milton Berle, George Clooney, Neil Patrick Harris, Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Daniel Craig, Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, John Travolta, Jude Law, Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, Tom Hanks, Kurt Russell and countless other men have donned a wig and lashes to parade around in heels. However, the Stonewall Riots in New York City elevated the association between drag queens and the gay community to a new level. Suddenly they became gay celebrities and the face of a new diverse community. Please share your thoughts on what effect this has had on the general perception of homosexuals in America and what, if anything needs to change.

Are tattoos sexy?

In this day and age tattoos are becoming increasingly visible, even among the young and preppy crowd. Some guys have a single significant tattoo to commemorate a special event or lost loved one while others have gone to the extreme by covering nearly every inch of their flesh with indelible art. However, not every gay guy is a fan of body art. Tell us your thoughts on this trend and explain why you would or would not get a tattoo. If you have a strong opinion about ‘ink’, let us know.

What other topics do you think we should discuss on A Gay View?

We are always open to suggestions and no topic is too daring or controversial to feature on an upcoming segment of A Gay View. Email us at dick@channel125.com and share your ideas. We’re all ears [and dick and ass, of course]!

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