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Mini of Tampa Bay doesn't just sell great cars. Mini is a huge
 supporter of Channel 125, Tampa Diversity Pride, and equal rights.

Ybor City Barbering Company & Bar is the coolest place
 in Tampa to get a haircut and a beer. Lauren and Lisa
are waiting for you.

Q & A

Older vs. Younger in gay relationships: Does age matter?

Everyone seems to have an opinion regarding the appropriate age difference between two people in a relationship. Gay or straight, people want to impose their beliefs on everyone around them. And most individuals seem to lean toward either dating someone near their own age or having a preference for someone substantially younger or older than them, Tell us your story about the advantages of dating an older [or younger] guy. Discuss if you feel there is a limit to an acceptable age difference, please enlighten us. Send us your video opinions on Facebook and they could end up on Channel 125.


Does size matter?

Many gay men are overly concerned with the length and girth of their penis [or their partner’s penis]. In your opinion, what matters? Do you prefer a long pencil dick or a fat beer can cock? Tell us about the biggest or best sexual encounters you have had with a buddy. Send us your video opinions on Facebook and they could end up on Channel 125.


Condoms, PrEP or Bareback: How do you like your sex?

Truth be told, every guy on the planet would probably prefer NOT to wear a condom during sex. Given the proliferation of STDs, including HIV, this is not always a practical option. Discuss your preference and how it impacts your sex life. Some guys even choose abstinence or limit sexual contact to safer practices such as mutual masturbation, circle jerks, frottage or sex toys. Tell us how you like your sex and how your practices have changed over the years.

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